ECO Recycled Eyewear!! A Tree planted for every frame sold.


We are delighted to now stock ECO Frames: ONE FRAME – ONE TREE

ECO Biobased eyewear is made from 63% plant-based materials, certified by the USDA. ECO Recycled is the only eyewear brand in the world made of 95% recycled materials. Plus, we are certified by UL Environment, so when you purchase ECO, you minimize the use of new resources – plus, a tree is planted for every frame sold.

ECO was “born recycled” in 2009, with the start of the program ONE FRAME – ONE TREE, in partnership with the NGO Trees for the Future. Since then, ECO has donated and planted a tree for every frame sold. So far, ECO has planted over 1.5 million trees!


“Trees for the Future is dedicated to planting trees with rural communities in the developing world, enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a sustainable future. We are proud to have a partner like ECO and we are thankful for their dedicated support, enabling us to achieve our goals.”

— John Leary, Executive Director, Trees for the Future


A seed that is given to farmers and then planted in nurseries. Bare-stem transplanting workshops are held by specialists like Kingsley Neba. Farmers are taught by Trees for the Future about agroforestry and other sustainable farming techniques. The workshops extend throughout the community and even to public schools, where children learn farming techniques that will help them create a brighter future. From the nurseries, plants and baby trees are transplanted into fields where farmers continue to cultivate and evolve their land and benefit from their improved soil and reccurring crop yields. With sustainable resources of income, residents like Anaje are able to feed themselves, their livestock and make a living.